StraightsTalk is a place where the spouses or significant others of gay and trans people can express themselves without having to be politically correct. My hope is that people other than myself will contribute.  The general policy is to withhold the names of the contributors unless they ask that their names are published.  This is not intended to be a license to be hateful.  It is intended to allow  honest expression.  All contributions, as well as all comments, are moderated by me.   I am willing to post almost anything as long as it isn’t hateful and doesn’t cover exactly the same content as has already been posted.

If you are the mate of a gay or trans person whose life has been impacted by their sexuality, and would like to contribute, please send me a comment, with your email, and I will get back to you.  Please note that it’s perfectly alright if the impact in question is positive!  (or neutral)  I am interested in hearing all kinds of experiences.  I believe that all our stories are important and perhaps helpful to others.

If you are a straight spouse looking for a support group, please send me a comment with your email and I will get back to you.  (Again, your comment will not be posted.)


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